Can Blue Light Be Good For You Also?

There’s no doubt about it, blue light has got itself a seriously bad rap over the last few years. You’ve probably heard whispers of its terrible potential effects; headaches, eye strain, fatigue. You might also be aware that it’s somehow emitted by your smartphone, computer and tablet. Yet, like many folk, you may not fully understand what exactly blue light is, its potential harmful effects, and indeed - the benefits it also has for the human body.


So as you can see, blue light ain’t all bad. Exposure to it in its natural form during the day helps us stay awake and alert, while also ensuring we get adequate, quality sleep at night. It’s only when we overdo the artificial version that we might run into problems. If you think you may be feeling its more negative effects, blue light eliminating glasses are a great, budget-friendly option. Browse our wide range of frames here. 

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