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all our performance sunglasses are fitted with optically superior lightweight NyTrex® HD lenses, meaning crystal clear colour, clarity and fog-prevention.

running sunglasses: what you need to know

Running sunglasses are specifically designed eyewear intended for runners and athletes who engage in outdoor activities like jogging, trail running, or marathons. These sunglasses offer several features tailored to the needs of runners:

  1. Lightweight Design: Running sunglasses are typically lightweight to ensure they don't feel cumbersome or uncomfortable during vigorous physical activity.
  2. Secure Fit: They often feature non-slip nose pads and temple grips to ensure a secure fit even when sweating. This prevents them from slipping down the nose or falling off during running.
  3. Impact Resistance: Running sunglasses are usually made from durable materials that are impact-resistant, protecting the eyes from debris, branches, or any unexpected impacts.
  4. UV Protection: High-quality running sunglasses offer UV protection to shield the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, which is crucial for outdoor activities where runners are exposed to sunlight for extended periods.
  5. Lens Technology: Many running sunglasses come with specialized lens technologies such as polarized lenses, which reduce glare from surfaces like water or pavement, enhancing visibility and reducing eye strain.
  6. Ventilation: Some models feature ventilation systems to prevent fogging, ensuring clear vision even during intense physical exertion.
  7. Wraparound Design: The wraparound design of running sunglasses provides a wider field of vision, helping runners maintain awareness of their surroundings and potential obstacles.

Overall, running sunglasses are designed to provide comfort, protection, and enhanced performance for runners and outdoor athletes, allowing them to focus on their activity without worrying about eye discomfort or damage.

Nylon lenses can offer several benefits for running:

  1. Lightweight: Nylon lenses are typically lightweight, which can enhance comfort during long runs. They minimize the sensation of wearing glasses, allowing runners to focus on their performance without distraction.
  2. Durable: Nylon lenses are known for their durability and resistance to impact. This makes them suitable for running, where there's a risk of debris or branches hitting the glasses. They are less likely to shatter upon impact, providing added safety for the eyes.
  3. Clarity: Nylon lenses can provide excellent optical clarity, ensuring clear vision during runs. This is essential for maintaining awareness of surroundings, navigating uneven terrain, and spotting obstacles effectively.
  4. UV Protection: Many nylon lenses come with UV protection, shielding the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. This protection is crucial for runners who spend extended periods outdoors, reducing the risk of sun damage to the eyes and surrounding skin.
  5. Versatility: Nylon lenses can be tinted or polarized to enhance visibility and reduce glare. Tinted lenses can improve contrast in varying light conditions, while polarized lenses can minimize glare from reflective surfaces like water or pavement, enhancing overall visual comfort during runs.

Overall, nylon lenses offer a combination of durability, comfort, and optical performance, making them a popular choice for running glasses among athletes seeking reliable eye protection and clear vision on the go.

Ultimately, this will come down to personal preference. However, the below might help you to choose:

hydro racer:The lightest of the bunch at just 20 grams. They are the perfect glasses for that "barely there" feel. Most suited to road running and long runs.

aero rise:Shield protection and more face coverage than the hydro racer. Weighing a little more at 37 grams, the aero rise is more robust than most of our other running sunglasses. The wraparound style means strong peripheral vision. Best for trail running where keeping the elements away is key, but these can also easily turn their hand to road running, cycling, watersports and more.

gravel phantom:

cloud bubble:

synth drift:

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